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In the last 25 years, a line of herbal nutritional supplements has been developed and achieved
exceptionally good results. We use these products routinely in our health centers.  Many of our
clients have been delighted and thankful after using these products.
Antagut and Kidney+SP
products were developed by medical doctors, scientists, and master herbalists.   Many customers
from all over the world have been truly satisfied with qualities of our supplements. The products
Antagut and Kidney+SP have been remarkably effective. Our best advice to you is "try the
products" and you will be amazed.
Superior all natural herbal supports for Gout*
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Gout affects about 1 million Americans and 4 times as many men as women. It is caused by uric
acid deposits in the joints of the hands, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and foot (particularly the big toe).
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We recommend that our Antagut combination be taken for 3 months and then as necessary.

Comments from our customers:

WOW!!!! No more Gout attacks. This product is excellent. I have been using it for the past few
months now and have not had a Gout attack. Before using this product I had to be very careful with
what I ate. Now, I can eat the same foods which I was not able to eat before taking
Antagut. After
taking for few months, I do not need to take it every day. I now only take it few times a month. This
product is excellent, there is no way I was going to take
Allopurinol for ever. I am so glad I found
Antagut. I had tried lots of different things in the past, but nothing workded except for Antagut.
Thank You very much!!!!!!!
R. Patel, Washington D.C.

This is a repeat order for a truly wonderful product! I never believed any remedy could be so
effective, and so uncomplicated!
Gary W., MELBOURNE, Australia

I have been taken Medication for a severe Gout attack for 2 months had no relief, I was concerned
with the medication that were prescribed and a list of possible side affects, I take a lot of
supplements so I thought I give this product a try , what did I have to lose 2 months of pain was
enough, so far its been 1.5 weeks and I have had great results with
P.S. I was able to enjoy the holidays worried free from attacks or flair ups. Thank you for your
product, I purchased extra for 2 friends who suffer more than I do with
John J. E., Philadelphia, PA

This is the third time I am buying this product for my brother who lives in China. The product seem
to be effective because he has not had any pain yet since he took
Antagut and now his friend who
has severe Gout problem is also taking them. Since this product seems to work for my brother and
his friend, we may be ordering a lot more as we go.
F. Readyhoff, Los Angeles

attack from my left ankle to toe started more than 5 weeks ago. Now, pain is gone after only
two weeks of using Fuma Natural products
. I still continue to use this product. The Antagut herbal
supplement  works by balancing and promoting healthy state of entire body, whereas the pain
relievers prescribed by my doctor relieve the pain but do nothing to help the body heal.
Harry T., North Carolina    

I was so very pleased with Fuma Natural (Antagut) herbal formula. Within the very first dosage the
swelling, pain and inflammation in my elbow went away, and I did not  take any other medications
along with it. I have been suffering with
Gout  for the last 10 years, and nothing has stopped it. Thank
you so much.
David L.Gonzales, Chicago

I have been taking Fuma Natural product for one week. I am impressed with the fact that its taken
the swelling down in my hand. I will order more when my two bottles get low.
Marianne V., San Antonio, TX

Excellent experience with this merchant! I am extremely pleased with both the Product and the
Service. I thank God for these doctor’s lives!!!!!!
Gwendolyn G., Arkansas
Link to Kidney+SP product
  • No more pain day and night
  • No more "Gout" diet
  • Good for people with kidney weakness
  • Doctor recommended
Herbal Combination:
Morinda, Eclipta, Alisma, Prunella &

Sale $19.50 /bottle
$37.05 for 2 bottles (5% off)
$49.73 for 3 bottles (15% off)
We Guarantee you will see dramatic
changes in your health and quality of
life by using our Antagut within the
first 3 months of taking it,
or your money back!
Our customers enjoyed these
results and we know you will too.
60 Capsules
Serving Per Bottle:
Approx. 20 Servings
Net Weight:
750 mg.
Health Category:
Suggested usage:
As a dietary supplement, take 3-4
capsules each, two times a day
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